Algorithms and Problem solving seminar

The Algorithms and Problem Solving Seminar is an informal seminar in Algorithms (in general). The idea is to bring together students and teachers who are interested in algorithms and discuss problems, interesting results (either their's or other's) and work in progress.

Students are encouraged to present / discuss algorithmic problems that appear in their research and how they solve. The group maintains an informal atmosphere where powerpoint presentation is not needed (infact discouraged). Students are encouraged to use blackboard to describe problems. However, formal presentations are also welcome. It is expected that the students develop the necessary skills to clearly explain abstract problems and possible solutions attempted.


Time and Venue

The seminar is run everyweek (on Wednesdays), for one hour at 256 Coates Hall at 1:30 PM. All the faculty and grduate students whose research work even remotely involves algorithmic problem solving are requested to participate. We will schedule for one person to give a talk every week. Please send Prof. Rahul Shah or Srivathsan one topic and possible weeks (in which you want to give a talk).