Courses Taught by Dr. Chen

Besides lecturing at many international conferences and seminars, Dr. Chen also acts as an advisor to students as well as teaches several courses at LSU. 

The following is a list of the courses recently taught by Dr. Chen at LSU in academic years '98-'01:

CSC 7700 XML, Web, & Security (a graduate-level seminar): The Web's past, present, and the future; HTML, XML; Emerging Internet Technologies; E-commerce (B2B, B2C); Internet Security, Cyber forensics, Social Issues.
CSC 7402 Database Management Systems (a graduate-level course)
ER Modeling, data models, query languages, data warehousing, data mining, repository systems, distributed databases, Design/Development Tools, and other advanced database topics.
CSC 4330 Software System Development (a senior-level undergraduate course)
Software Development Life Cycle: requirements analysis; design, implementation,  testing, installation, and maintenance; analysis and design methodologies and tools; project management and human factors.

He has also taught the following courses at LSU:

When he was with MIT, he taught the following courses:

When he was with UCLA, he taught the following courses:

When he was a Visiting Professor at Harvard, he taught the following course: